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Hollaback gerls and boys!!! Well well well, today, I decided, is the best time to get back to blogging. I am unofficialy back from a very long hiatus-hiatusan. Been a little busy the past days. Went to different places. Met new people. Tried different things. Watched movies with friends. Went to a salon to pamper myself hahaha as if.  Sa totoo lang tinamad lang talaga ako mag-blog. You know how it feels right? I’ve looked high, low, everywhere I possibly can. But there’s just no trying to get the feeling again. It seemed to disappear as fast as it came. Read every book, look for every meditation and poem, just to bring home that old sweet sensation but it ain’t no used to me, trying to get the feeling again. Oo kanta yan.Haha, but that’s exactly what i Feel right now.

Here’s some good news and bad news I wanna share to you all.

New hair do, with better highlights, I think. HAHA. And I lost 6 freakin lbs HAHAHAHHAAAAAA

Fine lines plus, my eyesight is getting worse – clearly, these are signs of aging.

It’s been a wonderful 2009! I hope you all had a blast! If not, better luck next year! See y’all  🙂


How my ex-kumpare and kumare denounced me as the ninang of their kiddo. Yeah, it’s a sad story..but yah know, it is NEVER as in NEVER EVER EVER my loss.


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  1. Bwaahahaha! Congratulations mare! Losing pounds is not that easy… you’re on your way to a better you!!!

    Teka, gusto kong marinig ang chika sa ex-kumpadre and kumadre mo? Vaket? Ganun, solian ng kandila? Bwahahahaha!

    I-share mo naman!! Hahahah!

  2. ang effective na pampapayat kapag na diskubre mong ang magaling mong asawa ay nangbabae at kinakasama na ang salot na baabe sa lipunan sorry sa word ko. 100% sure your losing weight in 5 days.

  3. sana magkaroon ng batas na silya elektrika ang mga asawang lalaki na nangangaliwa at ang mga babaeng salot na sumisira ng pamilya sa lipunan natin

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