Korea Sparkling in 2010

I’ve caught the K-virus and it’s changing me big time haha. Promise, next year, by hook or by crook, I am going to visit Korea to end all these Jun Pyo madness.

Anyway, this is a gift I got from my brother last month. It’s authentic spoon and chopsticks he bought in Korea. Of course, I am not using them, serves as a display only. Haha.

Last weekened,  me and my travel buddies got all excited over Cebupac’s promo fare for local and international flights. The round trip airfare to Incheon (S. Korea) was only 1400P (reg fare is almost 10K, round trip).  Yeah, that cheap. It’s even cheaper than my trip to Palawan. But as soon as we were ready to book the fly date, all seats were taken. Sayang!! It could have been nice sana. So if you guys are planning for your adventure next year, whether it’s orlando vacations or Asian tour or Philippine tour, make sure you bookmark cebupac’s and PAL’s websites and watch out for their promos, ok. Annyong!


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