Cheesy Macaroni Recipe

Didn’t I tell you that I love to cook on my free time?

Today, I will teach you how to cook a delicious Cheesy Macaroni recipe. Great for snacks and parties. Super duper easy, no sweat! HAHA.

First, you cook the pasta.

You drain it and put it on a bowl like this.

And then you mix the sauce together, so it’ll be like this:

As usual, it’s soggy haha, because that’s how i like it. This is my new favorite comfort food. Really yummy and cheesy but sinful. Ok, for the record, I’m cutting in on rice but you know, it is hard for me to resist whatever form of pasta haha. Guess I need to buy that best fat burner to help me trim down a bit.

This delicious snack is brought to you by Lucky Me! Only 15P per pack on your suking tindahan.

Next time, I will share to you my Baked Macaroni recipe haha


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Haha, kaloka ka Malen! I really thought it was your orig recipe… How are things going? Ay sus, add mo naman ako sa fezbuk at magkita naman ulit tayo! Muah!

  2. huwaw..dapat dapat bigyan ka ng luck me ng commission dito.. haha.. 😀
    nakita ko na ‘yan sa TV..ang cute nga eh..pero ‘di ko pinangarap tikman dahil parang pambata.. 😀 masarap ba? 🙂

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