Visit to a Japanese Garden

I’d like to build my dream garden someday where I could spend most of my day having tea with my loved ones, reading my favorites books on early mornings and probably watching my grand kids play on afternoons. It has to be very cozy, with trees where I can put a hammock, with comfy outdoor furnitures (with outdoor furniture covers) and a nice playground for kids. I’m thinking of a Japanese inspired garden less the Koi pond.

Here are some pictures from a visit to a Japanese garden. Very relaxing place indeed. Enjoy!


Me and my friends posing at the entrance gate

a darna-wannabe lols

peechur-peechur by sherliez

The Koi pond

love kois…they can actually bring relaxation to your outdoor living

Perfect photo shoot day

Tired from a long day of walking, we rested for a few minutes in here

I tell you, this garden is sooo relaxing and serene you can’t help but fall asleep haha

Everybody happy and fully charged now


Delivered by Madam Auring

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