Health is Wealth

Like most adults, my mom and lola both has hypertension aka high blood pressure and their maintenance is daily intake of a Norvasc tablet.

A 5-milligram tablet of Norvasc sells for P86 here in the Philippines, nearly five times more than in other countries. That’s P172 per day, P5160 per month, P61,920 per year. That’s quite a huge amount of money! So I guess it’s true when they it’s very expensive to get sick these days.

Shelling out P61,920 a year for a single medication is no joke. And as you grow older, the more they get prone to other diseases, which are more often very expensive to treat. A check up to a specialist alone cost a few hundred pesos, excluding the uber expensive medicine. Good thing, the company I work for offer health benefits for me and my beneficiaries which is really a big help esp. in times of emergency. But for others who do not have access to free healthcare, it wont be easy.

The best thing to do is to take care of one’s body. Eat the right food, stay healthy, get enough sleep, detoxify your body using a colon cleanser, exercise at least 3x a week etc. Remember, you only have 1 body, do your best to take care of it!


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