What can you do with 10,000 these days?

For some, 10,000 is a small amount of money. Some will probably use it for shopping , or vacation trip to Palawan or just put it in a bank.

For someone like me, 10K is a huge amount and it can get me to places. If someone hands me 10K today, I will spend it wisely. I would probably start investing it on government bonds, it’s a safe investment plus they pay a good return. Or maybe buy an insurance policy (get free insurance quotes now). Or I’d put it in Mutual Funds. I think 10K is good enough for the minimum investment, with returns average of 15-25% every year.

One of my fave financial gurus said,

“it is our obligation to save, invest, and sustain financial well-being over your lifetime. You need to plan for the day you can no longer earn actively. You need to provide for your future. It is our obligation to build wealth because we can’t share what we don’t have.”

And I so agree with him. How about you, what would you do with your 10K today?


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