The Pain of Wisdom Tooth Exctraction

I had an awesome wisdom tooth extraction experience last Friday. Yes, it hurts pero grabeh what a feeling! I’ve been complaining about my wisdom tooth since last year and I finally had the cash and courage to do it. Truth is, this is only the 2nd time that I’ll have my tooth remove by a dentist…and I survived it. Sabi nga ni Doc ang tapang ko daw. Inisip ko na lang all those sleepless nights I had…crying and tumbling for endless pain haha.

This is not your ordinary bunot kase it requires surgery. All it took was the wonderful anaesthesia and a singing dentist to make me feel at ease. The extraction took 1.5 hours. Hinde tootong you wont feel a thing, there were  moments of pain pa din pero it’s bearable. I felt it when my dentist had to scrape the extra flesh and stitch the rest together.

die wisdom tooth! die! die!

The most scariest part was the anesthesia injection haha takot kase ako sa syringe. The most painful part was the final pull. I got curious and wanted to see what’s happening inside…so I youtubed it. This is how basically what happens in wisdom tooth extraction…watch watch watch and wag mag co-collapsed! The following is not for the faint hearted.

Grabeh nanghina ako and I don’t want to do it anymore. Hinde ako maka-move on. Scary what’s happening inside pala. Unluckily…my left tooth is also impacted. ANAKNGTOKWAAAA talaga!!! Overall damage is 4500, excluding the meds and xray.

I am  still recuperating (3rd day), my right cheek is slightly swollen and I can still feel the’s still hard for me to talk and eat…but I’m feeling really really good.


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  1. i still don’t know why they call it “wisdom” tooth kung aalisin man lang. sayang lang ang wisdom :(. ano pa kayang mas appropriate na name? aging tooth? “regrets” tooth? pain in my ass tooth?(…no pon intended)…

  2. one of my wisdom teeth is really hurting. i am too chicken scared to go to the dentist to have it extract. i just ease the pain from taking pain killers. mawawala din to. grabeh ka malen ha, ang tapang mo. i never have my wisdom teeth extracted. two are already fully grown. 🙁

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