Last Post For Today, Pramis

Oh my, 9 senseless blogpost for a night! Quite an achievement haha. I lost my passion to blog after I lost my PR. I just couldn’t get myself to blog again after it dropped to zero so I switched to new hobbies – studying and reading and exercising to lose belly fat haha…and watching k-dramas haha. Now, I’m back! Hopefully this would continue until I get back my blog honor HAHAHA

I saw john Lloyd Cruz earlier, he looked really matured in real life, and you bet, he is really gwapo.

I’m juggling between 2 interesting books during my idle time, one of them is Kokology by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito. The book of KOKOLOGY has many questions that usually tackles about how the person behaves in a given situation that a normal person might encounter. So, if you haven’t discovered yourself yet, read this book. It’s a fun book that will help you understand and appreciate your true self.

Next update will be in 9 days or so…or until I get the passion to blog once more. G’night to y’all.


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