99 Days To Go

…and it’s Christmas already!

Love the holidays at home. We make sure we celebrate this special season the best way we can, with lots of food, holiday gifts, dancing and laughter. The video above was taken last year over at Madam’s garage. It was a memorable night. Adeng won the stunner of the night  award for obvious reason – she was the only one wearing an elegant night gown and it was backless. Rowie came in 2nd with his japorms. We also had raffle prizes like Barbie DVD collection from Quiapo haha, century tuna and other groceries courtesy of our dear Madam. It was really really fun. Can’t wait for this year’s celebration. I hope to parteey with you guys soon! This is very early for a Christmas greetings but I wish you and your loved ones will have a very happy Christmas this year.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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