Hong Kong Winter Fashion

Mid-December to February is HK’s winter season.

When we visited HK last March of this year, I didn’t know it was still winter season so I only brought one pair of jacket with me and an open toe footwear. I didn’t realize it’ll still be super cold. While almost every local wrapped themselves with coats, gloves, scarves and thick jackets, I was wearing summer clothes. I was like  freezing to death on our first day. There’s no snow but it was noticeably cooler than Baguio and on afternoons, there would be some rains.

I find HK winter fashion soo trendy. Here are some pictures I took on streets of HK.

scarf, leggings and a pair of Ugg boots

Love their fashion! We don’t get to enjoy wearing these clothes here in Manila with our very humid weather. So next time you plan to visit HK, make it on winter season and bring along those trench coats and boots with you.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. when we went there oct-nov so winter season ang mga naka-display sa windows. i found the people of hongkong fascinating. kse mga fashionista (read: this was about 13 years ago pa ha, before the british turn-over). tapos parang they’re always on the go. wala ako mashadong napamiling damit. kse dati, hindi naman lumalamig ng sobrang lamig dito sa ten. but i bought a jacket then that i still use today.

    i loved shopping in mongkok! yung night market. sooper mura. i found a top there na 5HK$ lang ata (nung time na yun X3 lang ata ang peso/hk$ rate, hehe)

    ang hirap lang makipag-converse! walang marunong mag-ingles mashado.

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