Why I haven’t Been Blogging These Days

Arghhh! Been having sporadic connection through SUN Wireless Broadband lately, kaya naka-tengga lang ang computer sa bahay.

Sosince walang net,  I’m spending time in the kitchen,

trying to cook this…dyaraan!

Oopps, hinde yan sopas, that’s supposedly a….

Cheesy Macaroni with potatoes, green peas and carrots, alam ko SOGGY sya per that’s how I like it

And when I’m not cooking, I’m either staring at my laundry hahaha

or uncluttering my closet, I am selling this brand new pair of sexy sandals I got last Christmas, I’m selling them for half the price. Size 7. PM me if interested.

pramis, never worn outside the house pa yan. After several falls and toe injury, I vowed not to wear high-heeled shoes anymore lols

I also got busy re-arranging the chairs, electric fan and table at home hahaha

and lastly, i was busy spending enormous amount of time talking to my cousin mitchie, yah know, helping her mend a brokenheart by bashing her ex-bf, unluckily, they’re back together again! HAHAHA. Nasayang ang  mga advice ko lols, but I will support you Mish, all the way!

Today, I switched to broadband cable provider, hopefully, my internet service will be a whole lot better and faster.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. ateng malen…may sasabihin ako…ha haha..
    i dont think i can eat ur pasta.ha ha ha..
    kidding..may potatoes? wow….fave ko yun..mukha kasi akong earthworm..ahe he he..
    welcome back ateng..tagal mo na ding indi nag updates..che!

  2. Nakakainis naman at blocked na tong site mo sa opis! 🙁

    Di bale…ibig sabihin, sobrang dami ng traffic! LOL!

    I want to buy your shoes, kaya lang, sobrang liit! 7! aguy!

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