My Bucket List 2

Jump into the sea,
from a helicopter
with a life vest (I’m a fan of Fear Factor lol)
witness a miracle
to change the life of someone for the better
to become a channel of blessing for others awwww
to have an amazing close up photo with blurred background HAHAHA
spend a week in a luxurious cruise getaway
drive a convertible Ferrari haha (check out Ferrari parts here)
Get in touch with the people I have lost touch with
Become friends with some people I hate, that includes ex and his wife, ROTFL
Join a TV game show, like hole in the wall or Game KNB or amazing race
And win the grand prize
Buy a farm
Build a real bahay kubo
and plant mango trees
or develop a resort
Learn to surf
Build a Zen inspired garden with a tree house
and care for a cute pet, preferably a dog that doesn’t bite and bark haha
Perfect the art of cooking
and preparing gourmet meals
Sky jump in Macau Tower
A ride in a Venetian Gondola
Take up short courses at MFI
Enroll in a grad school, haha, ok, I’m serious.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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