Sony Ericsson W760i Review

Sony Ericsson W 760i is another walkman cellphone, with superior sound quality, extra abilities in the music player and GPS navigation. It has a wide screen and wide keypad making it easy to use for texting, mobile browsing and moblogging (at I’m loving this phone!

Other features include:
1. Flight mode: In this mode the network and radio transceivers are turned-off to prevent disturbances to sensitive equipment.
2. GPS: This is equipped with a GPS receiver that uses satellite signals to calculate your location.
3. Driving directions
4. Google maps for mobile
5. Entertainment: Video player, Radio FM, Ringtones & Melodies Music DJ, Sound recorder,Games
6. Bluetooth Wireless Technology
7. PhotoDJ and VideoDJ
8. 3.2 Megapixel camera (has a free 2G micro sd)
9. FM Radio
10. 3G, EDGE, Bluetooth, USB, HSPDA

When it comes to style and design, this isn’t going to be on top of your shortlist but it is an interesting phone with lots of cool features.


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