My Freakin Wisdom Tooth

It’s been 6 months now and I still haven’t pulled out my wisdom tooth lol. Well, it doesn’t hurt anymore, like it used to, but I still want it removed. It’s just too bad that impacted wisdom tooth requires a surgery. I’m not at all scared of the whole process and extreme pain that comes with it (lol, I’m used to ripping out a tooth myself) besides, there’s always an anaethesia you know. What scares me is the expense, it is quite huge and my health card do not cover oral surgery.

All of us have to go through dental problems once in a while. Whether its teeth whitening, straightening, restoring a chip or crack, rejuvenating worn teeth, pulling out or replacing a missing tooth, we need a Frisco Dentist to help us deal with different dental problems.

Do you know any friendly and trusted¬†dentist who doesn’t over charge? Let me know. ASAP. Thanks!


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