Blog Makeover

Last night, I decided it was the perfect time to rearrange things in my blog life, so I changed my template, dropped the banner and deleted some stuff that’s eating up a lot of space. And yes, I finally switched to WordPress version 2.8! Yeay! Imagine, I was using the 2.3.2 version for 2 years lol. The first time I tried to update my WP, I messed up and deleted the database and everything else that need not be deleted. Good thing my host had a back up, but I lost some of my entries and those precious comments. Since then, I never tried to do an update again, but after reading and following carefully the instructions, I was able to do it myself hahaha. That’s quite an achievement for me. Hopefully, I can find time to makeover my other blogs too.

So the next step now is to reformat and upgrade the desktop at home. I need to buy computer memory for my PC and an external hard drive, plus  a nice headset with microphone for podcasting 🙂


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  1. naggaling ako mula kay jan, buti nlg di ako natalisod sa pagtalon ko papunta dito sa blog mo ehhe! ganda ng look ng blog mo ah…nice and clean. premuim theme to?

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