Help!My Blog Needs an Extreme Makeover

I’ve been having problems connecting to my own site the past days. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to publish this entry today. It it takes 5 mins. to open my blog alone. I’ve tried different browsers and they’re all doing the same. It wont load quick like I always have done in the past. At first, I thought it was only a problem with my computer, so I checked my jurassic pc at home and surprisingly, it takes forever to load haha! Obviously, this is not just a plain computer glitch since my pc at work does the same thing too.

I know, I should talk to my host ASAP. Maybe it’s high time I upgrade my web hosting plan. You think? My blog is already on its second year and it needs an extreme makeover – new layout, new header and a new host, maybe. I should get bigger bandwidth to support my blog’s traffic for the next  year, and the other blogs that I might self-host too (I’m thinking of putting up a photo blog soon).

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