Pinoys in Macau

Filipinos are scattered all throughout the world. From the east to the west, there’s always a friendly Filipino in place. Some are snob (I don’t know why but the Pinoys in HK are kinda snob lol, very different from the Pinoys we met in Macau) while others are very friendly and helpful like this one ate here who gave us free vouchers so we could play at the casino. She’s really nice.

And here’s kuya giving us some tips and instructions around Macau. Lots of hotels/casinos in there but not probably as much as Las Vegas hotels 

and here’s another ate (we’re probably older lol), telling us to ride the free bus tour, she is really cute, looks like a local celebrity.  

and here’s our fellow bakasyonistas, we kept bumping into them in HK and in Macau.

Salute to all OFWs worldwide. You’re all amazing. All your hard work and sacrifices to support your families back here in Pinas will not go unnoticed. Mabuhay po kayo!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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