Bonggang Bonggang Birthday Bash

Sorry for the late post. Been really busy. Here are the things that kept me for a while. Enjoy!

Super shocked talaga me when my bestfriend surprised me with a bday cake last april 24, 5AM

Yes, that early! I was actually taking a nap at that time, and then all of a sudden, somebody awaken my then sleeping beauty with a happy bday song and you know what they say diba…”magbiro ka na sa lasing waga lang sa natutulog”…so i was kinda annoyed at her, besides, i don’t want my colleagues to know that it was my bday, because you know…my officemates are like PGs hahahha. so there nga, i didn’t make her pansin and continue on with my sleep but she was singing sooo loud talaga i swear, and then someone shouted..”hoy!! may cake ka!!!” and when i opened my eyes….there it was nga!!! in my front was a goldilocks cake with candles and everything.

you see my hair noh, it’s sooo gulo anyway it’s always like that naman hahah and my eyes looked tired and sleepy whcih is oh so naturelle for me ahaha. but thanks ruthie for the effort. love it! yah know, i didn’t have many birthday cakes when i was growing up. In fact, I had my first cake when I was 18yo…..18 layers din sya charing! Seriously, there are no goldilocks in the barrio noh, we only had Ensaymada and Pandecoco, kaya super na-appreciate ko sya,  i am super duper touched by an angel of the waters. Alam ko medyo mahal ‘to, map-pressure tuloy akong higitan ang cake na bibilin ko for you on August 19 hahaha.

Later that afternoon, some of my friends and I went naman to Banapple along Katipunan

aila, moi, toni, sally, ruthie and sherliez with special participation of japoxx (not included in the pic)

to feast on my new favorite banoffee pie – the best banoffee pie in the world!

a desert made from banana, cream and dulce de leche.

then last week din, i went out to treat Pusa in some resto in Eastwood

to eat this humongous pancake

here’s pusa and me, enjoying our walk at eastwood. this place talaga has improved a lot. i remember….

this was once a huge parking, it’s a nice tambayan for lovers haha

it’s so bongga na talaga…and colorful too!

Wait!!! There’s MORE!!!

and lastly, i spent a dinner date with my cousins over at eastwood. these are the people i grew up with and i am super close to them talaga. grabe talaga how time flies, dati rati, sabay-sabay pa kami kung maligo nyan at mag swimming sa flanganaaa!!!


mas fave ko un crab boodle

to eat this bopis…

and this onion rings

and this tocino!

alia, adeng, marniboi, moi and mitchie

it was a week long gastos celebration for me…ansakit sa bulsa!!!! waaaah how am I gonna get those money back!!! Seriously, grabeng expensive na pala ngayon nga friendship noh hahaha But you know, this is my way of giving back to them what they have given me for the past years – friendship, trust, loyalty, lotsa lovin, laughters and fun – and that can never be converted to cash!!! Super thank you ever for taking out the time to be with me on my special day.

i still owe my superfriends a treat *pramis, pag uwi  ko na ha*

PS, thanks to everyone who sent their messages here and on FB, email and F. Andaming greetings ang na receive ko pero isa lang ang nag regaloooo!!!! HAHAHAH ano ba naman yan!!! mayaman ako sa mahihirap kuripot na kaibigan haha charing! You know i love you all…but with gifts, i love you more!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. ang sarap ng libre sa seafood island…belated happy birthday, tmalen!! ahahahha! ang sarrrraaaaap talaga kaya lang alam mo na nangyare after nun…

  2. huwaw! vonggang vongga ang vortdey!!! uber ibang level ang celeb!!!:em50:

    i know how you feel… ang sakit talaga sa bulsa! ako, hanggang ngayon eh iniinda ko pa! hahaha!

  3. Hindi ba sisig yun? mukhang sisig kesa sa bopis e.. saka yang eastwood na yan diba tukayo e tambayan ng mga mayayaman yan? Ibig sabihin hindi ako makakatapak dyan ever 🙁

    taka ko nasa opis ka tapos natutulog ka? lol

    belated happy birthday tukayooooo!

  4. PSSTTT! napansin ko si Mitchie hehehe shiny ang sun tanning ever hahaha ang ganda nang magiging future ceremonial gurpren koooo hahaha

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