Today Is A Very Special Day

Today marks the 20-sumtin birthday of a very special lady who managed to stay happy amidst all the dramas and actions in life. A person who’s both fun and annoying, senseless and sensible, horrible yet charming (hahaha), prejudice and prideful but fair and just at times, weak but strong-willed, shaken but remains calm, warfreak but peace loving, an occassional mood swinger but good-natured in real life lol, selfish but giving, silly and absurd in most cases but very wise, sweet but tactless, frank and fickleminded but altogether lovely. In many ways, she’s both loved and abhorred. A person who’s done so many wrong choices but still, living with absolutely very little regrets. A sinner saved by grace, whose only desire is to live a heartfelt life. Happy birthday to you!!! Here’s wishing you many wonderful blessings as you begin another year in your life. You’re getting better and beautiful each day…so keep shining!

That person pala is….ME!!!! HAHAHAH

PS, happy birthday also to Winkie, stay gorgeous my dear. We  share a lot of things in common, maybe we should eat out one of these days. Libre mo ko, libre kita hehehe. Have fun today.

PS2, walang saysay ang greetings kung walang gifts!!! Hehe, email me for my contact details, I am sooo ready to accept gifts of any kind…kahit cash, mas mainam pa. Thanks, bye!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. anuver?! parang ang epal naman ng picture ko dito… mas malaki pa sa blog owner! hehehe!

    happy bday malen! enjoy all the richness that you truly deserve 🙂

  2. walang saysay ang greetings kung walang gifts!!!

    Pano ba yan eh di hindi na ako babati? haha

    anyhow I hope my greeting is not too late. I just read in FHM that its your birthday today.

    My only wish for you is happiness in life, more moolah kasi mukhang yun ang priority mo and more friendship from all the people who loves you.

    And also. keep the faith and hope. If Susan Boyle can have his man at 47, so does Malen haha

    all the best in life… Pax et Bonum

  3. weehee!!! happy twenty-somethin’ birthday malen!!! bigyan nalang kita ng shoutbox shirt from tindahan ni aling nena pag nagkita-kits tayo. hahaha, lapit na ulit yun.

  4. Well den I’m not going to greet u
    since I don’t have a gift, xD

    LOLS, gOod luck ..

    but I couldn’t resist.. I still need to greet u,;)

    Happy happy birthday,
    wish u more and morebdays to come &&

    of course MORE LOVED <3

  5. Elow Malen, Late man daw at magaling CUTE pa din! Hehehe

    Happy Brithday mula sa taong tinuruan mo para kumita sa blog… ayan tuloy pareho na tayo zero google rank hehe

    anyway bat dpa mamatay na yang google na yan! haha

    More boys more money and more fun para sayo Malen!

    Maraming salamat sa lahat!


  6. Belated happy birthday sistah!!! Sensha na.. di ako masyadong nakakapunta ditetch.. busy masyado sa pakikipag-away kay Reynz sa podcasting!! Hahaha!

    I hope you had a wonderful day! See you soon!! :em70: :em70: :em70:

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