Machu Picchu

When I was a kid, I spent most of my afternoon watching Shaider (and Bioman) with my friends in the Barrio. I don’t know if some of you remember Shaider and his sexy partner Annie but the memories of this show is still clear to me up to this day. FYI, the show was aired in the early years of the 80’s.

Just to give everyone a heads up, the story evolved around Alexis and his mission to save the Earth. He’s an archeologist who deciphered the geometrical figures (a bird figure) on the Nazca Plain in Peru. That figure is actually the symbol of the Galactic Union Police. When GUP heard Alexis’ discovery, they recruited and trained him to be Earth’s Space Sheriff, and was given the code name ‘Shaider’ (in memory of an ancient warrior who defeated the Fuuma Empire). When the Fuuma Empire learned the new ‘Shaider’, they plotted to annihilate him in order to conquer Earth once again.

I think this is where my fascination to anything ancient, cryptic and mind-puzzling stuff started. Hay, I love to visit Peru and get an exciting Machu Picchu travel,  with side trips to the Nazca Lines, Sacred Valley of the Incas and Cusco. I don’t know how and when, but I’m pretty positive that it will  happen someday hehe.

Gtg. Will check if youtube got reruns of Shaider. See yah!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. My fascination for the ancient and other mystic stuff were brough about Zuma from Hiwaga komiks, as well as Astrobal and Rigor, hehe…

    of course, I’m much older than you, kaya baka hindi mo na alam yung mga nabanggit ko 🙂

  2. Nag research talaga si tukayo lol!.. ako man before Shaider, though bata pa ko nun e…inaabangan ko rin si Zuma at ang anak nyang si Galema .. pati na rin si Nimfa na nagiging halimaw yung mga kamay.

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