Change Is Good

After giving it so much thought, come April 24, I am dropping the Chuvaness nick once and for all. Hello, I wasn’t born a Chuvaness noh? HAHAHA Besides, I don’t want to mislead people, plus I don’t wanna ride on anyone’s popularity if you know what I mean. What does Chuvaness mean btw? I don’t know. With all the chorva chenes cheverloo chenelyn that came out, chuvaness seems to be the cutest lol. Really, there’s no issue at all, I just want CHANGE. I also wanna change my template. Clean my blogroll. Buy new bed sheets. I want change! Now na. I’m also not pet-friendly, in fact I am dog-phobic, but this time, I’d like to get a pet dog, preferably a shitzu or chihuaha. It’ll be a very nice birthday gift, please include pet supplements as well lol.

Look, I’m usually very consistent but at this point in time, I want something new in my life. In a few days, I will be 20++ and I want to act according to my status and age…basta don’t call me chuvaness anymore, ok. I’m fine with….hmm Chuvachuchuness? hahahaha


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. kung ano man yang maisip mong bagong kapangalan, i am sure na maganda yan at may name recall agad..tipong….
    “brain bleeding at its finest…..hemorrhageousness”


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