Birthday Wishlist 2009

Oh noooo!!! I can’t believe I’m turning 20++ in a few days. Are you already thinking of what to give me on my birthday? LOL. Worry no more! I made things easier for you….I prepared a checklist for your reference lol. You are soo gracious and too kind. ..thanks in advance! HAHAHAH naman! Charing lang.

1. Banoffee cake from Banapple
2. A hamburger speaker
3. skin care products esp. moisturizer.
4. Nike sling bag
5. A pack of gummy bears
6. Photo albums
7. Bed sheets and curtains
8. SLR
9. La Germania
10. Photo Collage Picture Frames
11. Lava lamp
12. bean bag
13. Blackberry
14. Sandals
15. Mini Me
16. Swatch
17. Pocket planner
18. TNF back pack
19. hiking boots
20. luggage set
21. A trip to PG, Davao, Bohol and Palawan
22. Swiss knife
23. Sony video cam
24. Tokongs
25. Noodle bowl and chopstick sets
26. cookware
27. dining plates and wine glasses
28. baking pans etc.
29. a set of jewelry hand tools
30. birthday greeting card

And many many mooooreeee!!!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. wow, pareho pala tyo april celebrant. happy 20++ bday, malen! i have drafted an entry similar to this, di pa tapos list ko. ang hirap mag-isip. ehehe!

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