I Love NY

I am a sucker for happy-ending movies. I always find myself watching either comedy (romantic comedy included), SciFi action and/or adventure. I suck at watching horror films. I do enjoy them but I get scared easily. I swear, you wouldn’t wish to sit beside me watching any Japanese horror films as I usually get really physical when I’m scared (read: i smash people) plus, my shout which resonates off the wall will probably scare you more hahaha. What I hate most is watching heavy drama movies. Ok, I admit, I’m more of a chick flick fan and YOU’VE GOT MAIL is one of my favorite chick flick movies. I super love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.They have a good chemistry yah know. Totally adore the movie, it was warm, funny and witty…plus it was shot in the Big Apple aka New York City. Oh I love NY! Someday, when I travel the world, I’d like to visit the place to experience what’s it like to walk the streets of lower Manhattan hehe. I’d like to see the Central Park and visit its many historic bridges and stroll through the West Side where You’ve Got Mail was shot. I’d like to try the sightseeing tour (check out CitySights NY) along NY. It’s a hop-on, hop-off bus tour using double-decker buses designed with top-deck-only seating that provides tourists the best possible views of New York City Sightseeing, attractions, neighborhoods and places of interest. It’ll be a lot of fun. I don’t know when and how but one thing is for sure, I’ll get there in one way or another, probably not sooner but I’ll get there, promise.


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