Conquering Pico de Loro

I haven’t been blogging lately because something terrible just happened. This blog has finally succumbed to the powers of the evil high and mighty Gingganggoolee. For a few days, I lost my focus, drive and motivation. Zero ang PR!!! Waaaaahh huhuhuhu. Ngayon ko napatunayan na bilog din pala ang mundo ng blogging haha. Pero wala akong kontrol sa sitwasyon kaya kiver na. Ayokong malungkot, PR lang yun haller parang mga lalake lang yan, walang kwenta hahaha charing lang *bitter*

But this post is not about Gingganggoolee…eto talaga ang highlight:

3 days 2 nights of non-stop adventure with my fellow outdoor enthusiasts. My first ever beachineering experience.

Actually, this post has been long overdue…in fact, 5 years late na ang post na to hahaha (yaan nyo na…wala pa talaga ako sa huwisyo mag blog). I don’t know why I didn’t blog about this. I checked my archives…and this was not documented. Kaya heto…I’m making up for the lost posts LOL. Pagtyagaan nyooo…enjoy!

March 2004, Pico de Loro (Batangas – Cavite)

The jump-off point.

All smiles pa ang mga lowla…

Nag-gagaling-galingan haha

after few hours of long walk…mukhang hinde na sila nag e-enjoy

still managing to keep happy faces

hot and steamy day…the hardest part of the trail…rock climbing at almost 90 degrees..robbie had to drag each one of us hahaha it was fun though

The Parrot’s Beak Basement

It was windy and scary out there…plus medyo slippery pa kaya I was shaking the whole time

Pico de Loro in English….Peak of the Parrot?

With the height of 664 meters above sea level, it is considered the highest mountain in the Cavite province.

Extremely super duper uber tiring day

Pico de Loro offers magnificent views – hills, plateaus, seas, mountain ranges, lakes, cape, peninsula, gulf, valleys etc. hahaha charing lang

I see skies of blue….. clouds of white…bright blessed days….dark sacred nights and I think to myself …..what a wonderful world.

aimz, ruthie, moi and ylla

it was not easy to go back to the camping site, gabi na kase so we decided to sleep kahit saan na lang…o di ba, hinigaan namin ang mge tents…this was the best place available…and it’s not even a flat terrain (elevated by 30 degrees, maybe)…actually konti na lang at tipong we’re hanging off the cliff already haha and ang exciting dun eh….FULL MOON tapos may nag aawoooooooo. Parang horror sya.

Sir Boyet (sweeper)… sleeping on the ground..ang dugyot!!!! hahahha

drinking orange juice in socials night

Good morning sunshine at the summit. What a feeling!

Heading back down the trail

Sarrraaap mag coca cola!

By afternoon, we went to some nice beach in Nasugbu

para mag pa-picture by the sunset

Some food for dinner (hotdog in cream sauce, ampalaya with carrots at ang walang kamatayang sopas a la creme) 

feasting at the table

Uber halarious charade, the best socials ever!

You don’t have to shell out big money para mag-enjoy…we did not pay for rooms, entrance lang ang binayaran namin…20P per head.

This is life – lying on the sand, waking up on a beach, listening to the surf, feeling the breeze. The best morning ever!!!

Our destination: Punta Fuego

Akala mo mga guests noh…actually sa gilid lang kami ng PF…eh exclusive kaya yan

Boyet, Alma Mae, Wireless, Mervin, Ylla, Me, Amy, Ruthie, Esther, Robbie, Billy and Ken

having fun

and more fun!!!

Total expense for this trip was 1000+ only.

Grabeh how time flies…it’s been 5 years. I no longer have contacts with you. Sana magkita-kita tayo sa finals…I hope you’re all doing well…I love you L2SMOC and I miss you all. Sana maulit ito.



Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Nakakainggit naman tong pictures mo day!! I love hiking, camping at mountaineering.. na miss ko tuloy ang high school days ko.. we did a lot of outdoor adventures back then.. ngayon, ni 10 meters lang ang lakad eh naghihingalo na ako.. nyahahaha..

  2. akala ko ateng ngaun lang to..ahehehehe.nauna kasi ako sa mga pictures…ahehehe..naiingit pa sana ako…kaso lang walang rason..ahahaha…

    dahil mag iislang hoping aketch!!!wweeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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