On Money and Everything Else

Before the year ends, I should accomplish the ff:

Pay all my credit bills ( maybe I should consider getting a debt consolidation loan to help me manage my credit cards, and pay off those freakin debts ASAP, whatchathink?).

Cut on food, social climbing activities and other unnecessary purchases.


Yeah, I am an outtie person. I love to explore, going out and trying out different things. More often, I say things that can hurt people around me. I am generally a happy person. I splurge when I want to…but I am also dedicated and hardworking. Yes, I can be very tight with money but most of the time, I know and I feel that I am as generous as Santa Claus. If anybody needs my help (financially or whatever), whether you’re a family or not, as long as I can, I extend both my hands to help.  It’s just sad that some people often times do not see that in me 🙁



Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. that’s so true of ate malen, she’s a very outgoing person kaya i imagine her having a date with someone who is equally outgoing as she is… :em62:

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