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There’s absolutely no traffic in HK! Ok, maybe there is. Maybe, we were just lucky going at some good times, but during my 8-day stay there, I didn’t experience any traffic jams at all. Not unlike here in Manila, where almost every street is jampacked with heavy traffic. HK seems to have perfected their transportation system.

Touring the city thru their double decker bus is a fun ride. It offers an ultra friendly system for tourists. From time to time, you will hear the audio that would guide you during your trip and you’ll also get to see breathtaking views.

Girls waiting for the bus going to A21.

Me and my best enjoying the ride.

Double deckers are very popular in HK and in some European cities and in some parts of Asia, usually in former British colonies. Tourists will definitely enjoy sightseeing in the city with those open upper decker buses, especially when the bus is running fast on the highway. I read somewhere that there used to be double-decker buses around Manila in the 60’s! Sayang! I’m sure it would be a lot of fun to have them around again.

The HK trip was a lot of fun and I am definitely coming back someday. My friends and I are uber excited now planning for our next adventure. It’ll probably be around Asia again. Someday, I’ll visit New York and try their New York Bus Charters when I get rich hahaha. If you want to experience the best New York City sightseeing, try the hop-on, hop-off bus tours that are operated on double-decker buses (with top-deck seating only) to provide you with the best possible views of New York City’s attractions, neighborhoods and places of interest. Enjoy!


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  1. i cant remember the year…maybe 15 years ago or so e nakakita ako ng isang double decker bus along edsa…ngayon wala na yata kasi ambaba ng mga overpass sa pinas, hehehe!

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