Effective Campaigns Through Email Marketing Services

If you need effective campaigns to promote your products and services to your clients and potential customers, send them newsletters through email. This is way cheaper than sending them snail mails and known to yield exciting results!

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create an attractive email newsletter. For all your newsletter needs, check out iContact. They’re the best option out there for anyone who wants to use email marketing services. They have great inbox deliverability, an extremely easy to use email marketing software, great prices that start at $9.95 per month, lots of templates, and also include surveying, autoresponder, and blogging capability from the same application at no additional charge.They take care of managing bounces and unsubscribes for you. They also take care of making sure your message gets to the inbox of your recipients through their ISP relations, feedback loops, and whitelist status. If you are currently running into deliverability issues with your existing newsletter sending method, iContact will be very helpful and ensure inbox delivery of your messages. The application also allows you to track the opens and clickthroughs on your emails, add a sign-up form to your web site, segment your list, and manage your subscribers.

A 15 day free trial of iContact is available at www.icontact.com. Sign up now and send 250 messages to up to 250 subscribers (trial version includes the full iContact set of features). They also provide technical support during your evaluation.


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  1. What I love about e-mail marketing is that it can be done by any business owner to generate any kind of lead: from insurance leads to debt leads. I also agree with your point that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to produce a compelling newsletter. It’s all about the content.

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