Saving Tips When Travelling HK

The recent 8-day HK tour was a lot of fun and also pretty expensive. It almost emptied my Pepe and Pilar earnings, but it was all worth it. But you know, travelling need not be expensive. If you will stick with your budget, you’ll be amazed to find out that visiting HK (yes, the shopping capital of the world) is quite affordable.

Here are some tips on how you can save while in HK:

First, don’t shop in the Ladies Market (Mongkok) for clothes – they are the same ones you see in our tyangges here. Believe me, this will just add weight to your baggage and an added kilo is worth 70HKD. My friend She even paid more for her excess baggage than her fare.

Second, if you wanna buy a digital camera, Hidalgo st. in Quiapo is still the best place to go. The shops in Sham Shui Po offer almost the same price and sometimes they don’t offer International Warranty.

Third, to save on food and grocery, use coupons. You know those McDo coupons, right? Guess, what, they have coupons too. And I’ve seen several locals, including Pinoys using them in HK. Imagine being able to trim your travel budget to at least 300HKD more.  This could potentially be added to your savings back home.

Come back soon for more money saving tips on my next entries. Enjoy!


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