What Does Your Bag Say About You

Do you know that your bag speaks so much of your status in life?

You sure remember those times when you grandmothers would keep their belongings in a purse tucked into their clothes, right? Those were the days when a woman’s role was largely domestic, but now, things are different. They no longer limit their capabilities within the household. They started to work, took control and became financially independent. And as they have emerged from being plain to being fashion savvy, handbag industry started to boom. Bags has become a statement of their status.

What does your bag say about you? Are you one of the  socialites wearing luxurious handbag design such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Hermes, or are you one of us – the jologs group who takes pride in wearing Secosana hahaha. I don’t usually go for branded bags. The first thing I look for in a bag is the usability, style and price. I could easily purchase branded ones (hahaha) but I don’t think it’s wise for me to squander most of my savings over a single designer tote bag or small purse. They’re just bags, in due time, they will tear too. I am not against buying expensive ones, but if you’ve got lots of money to spend on a genuine bag without putting a hole in your pocket, by all means, get an LV or a Chloe (See by Chloe Metallic Bag). But if you do not have enough money for a designer label, don’t pressure yourself. There are some reliable handbag products that are crafted out from durable leather materials you’ll find in malls.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing designer labels or not. In the end, what matters most is the money you put inside. HAHAHA


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