Watching The Osbournes

I used to watch a lot of The Osbournes reruns on cable before. The reality shows feature the heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, wife Sharon Osbourne and children Kelly and Jack. It was a fun show. You get to see how normal a family they are, pretty much just like many of us. The only difference is that they’re popular, and there’s a camera crew following them around recording their every move. You see them watching their favorite TV show, the couples arguing over petty things, the kids ending up in a feud with the neighbors etc. I can’t tell the scenes were staged but I guess, those things can really happen in real life.

They’re just a regular fanily who has many issues too. Their daughter Kelly was once forced to enter a drug rehab  and alcohol rehab  due to her addiction. She was also arrested one time for assaulting a British gossip columnist who made unflattering remarks about her boyfriend. And just last month, the 23-year-old Kelly Osbourne has entered into a treatment facility for the second time in less than five year to address some personal issues again, but this time, she’s done it voluntarily. Oh man, she is wild! What was I doing when I was 23? It’s good that at least she knew that she needed more information to help her this time and she’s now ready to get it.

If you want a clever reality series that is funny and erratic, watch The Osbournes. Enjoy!


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