Planning Your Next Tour? Try Ireland!

I love Ireland! I love the accent, the culture and the beautiful sceneries. The country offers an array of breathtaking castles with fascinating history to explore. You know I love everything about the Arts and History and I love the Renaissance period! The furnitures, fashion, clothes, and styles – those low cut victorian dress wore by women in ball gowns – classic and adorable! Love them. I don’t know but I’ve always been fascinated with the lives of the royalties and I dream of finding myself walk the halls of a beautiful castle someday. Maybe, I was once a princess in my past life or a queen perhaps? Hahaha. Unfortunately, we don’t have any castle here in the Philippines. We aren’t as lucky as the Irish and British to be surrounded by great amount of castles, palaces, museums and other historical attractions.

If you too are facinated with the past, you must plan your next trip to Ireland. The country offers you a chance to deeply explore the history with unimaginable natural surroundings. It is also the perfect place to visit if your favorite color is green. The country is beautiful, offering many different locations to catch an awe inspiring view. And before you go there, make sure you add a Travel Insurance Ireland to the list of the things you need to do. This will ensure that you and your family get good medical care if you get sick or injured while travelling. Have fun in Ireland!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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