Happy Birthday To The Base Goddess, Lizzie

 Happy Birthday Lizzie aka Bella! Yeah, she is NOT a Twilight die hard fan.

 The Base Goddess whoohooo!!!

 Marry Me Amy

 Superfriends with their very cute party headresses

 fooolin around

 foolin some more

 Lizzie with her base guitar

 Amy and her magic sing

 Ruthie with her spaghetti

lizzie’s cutie and talented angel, LANA..i tell you she’s just 3 yo but she really knows how to play that thing

Happy birthday Liz, wish you all the best things in life. 143

 it was a simple yet fun celebration

The parteeey animals lol – Yehyeh and Paulbax (my ex-colleagues who are both working on tech jobs now), me, angelofthewaters dotcom, zitrozil dot net, aimzster dot info, B1 and B2

I love the chicken, tastes like KFC’s heheh

Thanks Liz for the mini fun parteeey. The night ended with a bottle of Fundador, some beers, a bottle of coke light and wine…and lots of laughter and fun. See yah all soon.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Hi malen, ang cute naman ng small party nyo but saw on your faces that you really enjoyed it, cute naman ng mga party headress, saan nabibili yan, magbibirthday kasi ang apo ko, i’m sure the kids will like it. cheers, ate an2nette of germany

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