25 Random Things About Moi (Series)

Have you been facebooking? If yes, you’ve undoubtedly been tagged with this meme at least twice. LOL. Ok, so since everyone’s doing it, join na tayo mga Indaaaay! Mahirap ang nagpapahuli sa uso….just wite 25 random things about you and then tag at least 25 of your friends. Demanding, ano? Basta keri na yan.

1. I slept at around 6:30am

2. Then I brushed my teeth

3. Took a warm bath…

4. And then I ate breakfast (plain rice and sauteed sardines with egg, onions and tomatoes, lol)

5. I brushed my teeth again

6. While eating, I watched a little bit of Velvet’s live telecast of the Oscar’s

7. Then I wore my sandals, took my bag and went outside

8. This morning I said, “Today is a Beautiful Day, just like me!” bwahahah

9. I walked a hundred steps and waited for my ride – tricycle. Weeeeh!

10. And then I saw my favorite bus along Mc Arthur Hi-way. I ran as fast as I could to get inside, lucky I didn’t trip and fall.

11. While walking in Monumento, I saw Amy Cruz in KFC

12. I joined her and we ate breakfast together…shucks! I forgot, I just had breakfast at home, didn’t I? Hahaha

13. Minutes later, Lizzie and Ruthie came over. We talked for a bit…

14. Then we headed straight to LRT

15. We stopped by at Gil Puyat and rode a taxi to the Embassy

16. We waited for hours as in many hours, with our papers and passports ready..
17. Got a heated discussion with the lady in Window 3 

18. A little depressed, off we went to McDo to have lunch instead

19. Prior to that, we had Ministop’s vanilla ice cream, yah know, ice cream is the new anti-depressant.

20. After lunch, we bid each other’s goodbye and went on separately

21. Liz and I rode the MRT to Cubao

22. Because we both had to work on mid afternoons

23. Along Cubao, I saw a lovely footrug/doormat, the same ones I saw in Casa Ruby Davao. I excitedly bought 2 of those and then went straight to Eastwood. Those are investments, ok. LOL

24. I turned on my computer, downloaded some files, send some reports…

25. And then I logged in to facebook to do this tag.

There, you’ve read the 25 random things about moi today. If you reached this far, thank you for taking the time to read my nonsense 25RTAM, I am quite impressed with your patience. Be back tomorrow for another 25 Random Things About Me Hahaha. Ciao!!  🙂



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