Beauty Secrets Revealed

Here’s a tag I snagged somewhere.


My Foundation: I seem to have developed a very sensitive skin these past years. I don’t know why but lately, pimples are sprouting like mushrooms on my face hahaha that’s why I rarely put any make up or foundation. Signs of aging, you think?
My Mascara: I don’t like wearing mascara except on special parties
My Blush: I just have to pinch my cheeks really hard
My Day Cream: Loving Olay White Radiance
My Lipstick: I usually put Nivea lip cream to keep my lips moisturized
My Essential Beauty Product: Moisturizer
My favorite Make-up product: Maybelline
My Perfume: Not a perfume person, I just use cologne.
My Nails: Ca-ro-ni-a…lol..i don’t color my nails anymore
My Feet: Nivea lotion
My hands: Nivea lotion
Three Products to bring on a deserted island: toothpaste, shampoo and soap
Women I admire for their beauty: I am a fan of classic stuff so I’ll go for Audrey Hepburn
Women with the best Sense of Style: many to mention…
My ultimate dream: $$$$$
My favorite fashion Publication: I rarely buy fashion mags, in fact, I haven’t bought one yet, but ifever, I’ll get a Cosmo or Vogue
Beauty Regimen: drink lots of water, use a facial wash that’s fit for your skin type, get enough sleep, eat healthy and keep your hands clean
Hairstyle: Long, curly brownish black hair and it’s dry and frizzy! Maybe I should go to a salon and get a hotoil treatment one of these days. (If you’re looking for professional salon equipment and salon supplies, check out salon software by Marlo Beauty Supply. They’re your one-stop destination for all your salon needs! They offer basic salon supplies, a new set of salon appointment books, the latest wholesale hair products and stylish salon apparel, stylish and durable furniture for your salon, soft salon towels, a new set of hairdressing scissors, or just a single pair of pedicure slippers and many others)


Yeah, make up isn’t really my expertise. Make ups are made for glam girls, sadly, I belong to the cowboy group lol. Feel free to tag yourself if you want.


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  1. Hey, thank you for this post, I never heard of marlo before and it seems that these guys have exactly what I need.

    I really like the blog name, I could name my blog the same 🙂


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