So What If You’re Single?

I believe, even if you’re still single, you should be considering already of buying your own house. You should think of it as an investment. So what if you’re single? Who said you can’t do it alone? These days, more and more single people are investing in homebuying. The process is a bit complicated, but if you take things one at a time, holding the keys to your own home is rather easy!

First, choose a house you can afford and stick to a realistic budget. You don’t want to neglect your other financial goals like savings for emergency, education for your future children and retirement, right? Many first-time homebuyers failed here and end up paying more than what they can afford. What do you need a beautiful house for, if you don’t have any money to pay for it? So before you choose your own house, look around the neighborhood first and check which one is within your budget.

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Next to consider is the location. Is it conducive to transportation, and nearby stores, school, market and hospital? Is it far from your work? How much it costs to drive and commute to work or school every day?

Once you have chosen taken those into consideration, what comes next is easy, either you buy it from the developer or directly from the owner. Should you buy from a developer, make sure you check their track record first. I am sure, you’re also thinking of investing your money in a franchise business, stock market investments, and many others, but investing your hard earned money on a land and home, is still much safer because it never loses all its value.


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  1. ei gurl, bakit naman sa arizona pa? wala bang link para sa pinas?
    tagal ko na dream to buy a house sa dami ng site ng napuntahan ko na windang lang ang utak ko. weeee! :em47: peace!

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