Forbidden Love

But I know this in no way will be..
You and me at once for all to see.
This, this, what it could be
For this is forbbiden love that captivates me.

Awts, that must have hurt you both soo bad hahahha. Anyway, I wish you and all others suffering from the same dilemma a….permissible love? LOL

hugs, kisses and loves to all!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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14 Responses to Forbidden Love

  1. Panaderos says:

    Very funny picture. Forbidden love nga iyan. :em62:

  2. berryblitz says:

    ang cute nung pic!!! i love jollibee mascot hehehe, i hate ronald!

  3. jan says:

    Mas masarap ang forbidden. Take another, I’d say. :em32:

  4. joy says:

    How terribly cute! Pwede bang mag mate ang clown at bubuyog? :em32:

  5. Chuva says:

    Hahahah! Ang cute naman! Ditse – -may tinatago ka no? In love ka no??? Aminin!!!!

  6. bluepanjeet says:

    hahahaha ano ba yan pati mascot controversial LOL

  7. mtoni says:

    magkaiba pala forbidden game sa forbidden love pero me nakuha ako jeux interdits(piano) ms gusto ko sana guitar.

  8. LOL! so bading pala si jollibee??? haha. galing pic!

  9. ikay says:

    hangcute ni jabee…. :em55:
    miss ko na jollibee

    bagong salta po d2 sa inyong
    dumudugong ilong..nyaks!

  10. i_k_a_y says:

    hangcute ni jabee!!!
    miss ko na jollibee.

    bagong daan po d2 sa inyong
    dumudugong ilong…nyaks!


  11. byter says:

    nakowww, iba palang mainlab si jolibee. ngayon ko lang nalaman na si jolibee pala ay isang salawahan…. ipinagpalit nya si hetty kay ronald.

  12. Mayweather says:

    What na inlove si Jollibee kay Ronald McDonald? iba palang mainlab si jolibee. ngayon ko lang nalaman na si jolibee pala ay isang salawahan. Naku Bee ha ganyan ka pala. Hmmmm

  13. berryblitz says:

    wow ang cute cute cute naman ni jollibee

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