My Shopaholic Confession

 Hi, my name is Malen and I am a shopaholic.


The Books: Confessions of a Shopaholic ; Shopaholic Takes Manhattan ; Shopaholic Ties The Knot ; Shopaholic & Sister ; Shopaholic & Baby

There, I’ve finally come out and said it. I’ve been denying it all this time, but I’m finally admitting to why I can’t keep up with my credit card bills – because I’m a shopaholic and this addiction is taking me down to the bottom of my savings.

I am no fashionista nor a gadget freak, but when I go out, expect that I’ll never go home empty-handed. I must get that belt, or that pair of sandals, that giant foot rug, those oversized earrings, that cute notebook, bags or purse and all those unnecessary things, no matter what it takes me. I don’t know, really. Maybe because I was deprived of those things when I was growing up. Yah know, I didn’t have the pleasure of wearing new clothes when I was a kid, being the poor second child means I had to wear the hand-me-down clothings from my older sister. Back in my HS and college days, I never experienced having an extra allowance to spend on clothes. I contented myself by spending hours at the mall window shopping…and you know how it feels right? It’s awful and sometimes depressing to get the urge to shop when you don’t have any money to spare. I didn’t want to go through that, not again. So the moment I started earning money, my spending habits changed and became out of control. Yeap, I became a shopaholic in every way and these are my confessions.

Shopaholic Confession #1:  A compulsive credit card swiper.

When I started working, almost instantly, bills started to pile up as well. My hard-earned money would just slip out on my hands to pay all the bills and there was no extra money for splurges. There was only one solution to satisfy my shopping deprivation: CREDIT CARD.

And so I got hold of my first Visa card and I started to become a compulsive credit card swiper who spend beyond my limits LOL. Yah know, it was fun, I swiped my card left and right, it’s my way of revenge for all those times when I cannot afford to buy things for myself. But at the end of each month, I would ignore my Standard Chartered letters as I couldn’t bear to read those unnecessary purchases. Once, I’ve been chased by harsh call reps from SC visa card to remind me of my late payments LOL.

Don’t you just love keeping those paper bags?

Shopaholic Confession #2: I mostly buy clothes in pairs, hehehe.

I go to the store to buy one item but I don’t often go home with just one item. I buy clothes with the same style in different colors or same colors in different styles, haha, I even bought the exact same dress, same size and color on different days. Weird, eh? I don’t know why but I keep buying clothes in pair! Look:


  I’m a huge fan of uniforms lol


Wait! There’s more!!!


Shopaholic Confession #3: I cannot walk past a sale.

Year-end sale, clearance sale, factory outlet, closing down sale, bargain sale, tyangge, baratillo etc. I’m a sucker for all sale items! I buy things on SALE and instead of saving 50% off on clothes, I end up spending more since I have no use of them at all. For the record, I rarely buy branded stuff…unless they’re on super sale.

Shopaholic Confession #4: I have plenty of new clothes in my closet.

I still have clothes I bought from last year, which I have not worn yet. You know why? Because I sometimes go for at least one size down hahaha, so I could force myself into diet and be able to fit in it one of these days, unfortunately, they still don’t fit, and looks like they may have to wait in my closet for a looong time hahaha.


New clothes that wont fit yet, haha

Things Are Getting Better. Hopefully.

I’m 20 sumting, single and I embrace the goodness of life! Yes, I shop and buy the things I want but hey, I’m juggling between a day job and paid blogging and on top of that, I accept labada every Sunday make wire and beaded jewelry, (for orders, email me, haha, shameless plugging). Ok, I am justifying my addiction, but  things are getting better this time. I’ve learned my lessons – no more late credit card payments, no more panic buying, no more buying clothes that don’t fit, no more over-swiping. Now, I limit myself to shop once every other payday with a certain amount of money (I try to pay in cash). And if I buy something really expensive, I make sure I render extra day at work for overtime. My credit card is maxed out, but I’m working on paying it soon and become completely debt free.The plan is to spend less and save more, and so far, I’m doing good at it.

I guess we’re all guilty of being a shopaholic in one way or another. The question is, do you pay attention to whatever happens next  after overspending on things you don’t really need? So the next time you go to the counter to swipe your card, think first if it will make you feel sorry or happy. Catch “Confessions of a Shopaholic” in Cinemas on February 18, 2009, and see how you can relate with the hilarious Rebecca Bloomwood as she goes big screen.

See yah in theaters!


Next month, I will be off to Hong Kong for one week vacation, with side trips to Macau and hopefully, Shenzhen too. Wait, did I just say Hong Kong, the shopping capital of the world? Uh oh, I’m doomed! Ok,  I promise not to splurge on absolutely anything, so help me God. LOL 


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  1. lol uniform ako din ganyan ahahahaha pag may gustong style lahat ng kulay kukunin ko except now I hid all my colorful clothes muna kasi nagluluksa pa so mega black and white lang ako dull and boring lol

  2. “wait there’s more!”

    talaga namang kung murder case ito eh panalo ka na sa dami ng evidence.ü nagugulat ako kung minsan sa mga babae, andami-dami nilang damit? tapos, parang lima lang na paulit-ulit ang sinusuot nila. hehe…

    God bless!

    1. “nagugulat ako kung minsan sa mga babae, andami-dami nilang damit? tapos, parang lima lang na paulit-ulit ang sinusuot nila”

      bwahahaha hinde ako maka move on!!! hahahah :em32:

  3. Oh, I love shopping, too! It’s obscene how much I’ve spent on fancy things which I seldom use or don’t really need. Enjoy your trip and I must say, don’t forget those credit cards. It’s impossible to leave HK without swiping, trust me. 🙂

    1. if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. move on jayson. and thanks for not joining bwahahahah

      yaan mo, pag nakakuha ako ng sticker or poster, bigyan kita bukas ROTFL

  4. wow congrats, malen!

    wala akong masabi sa dami ng wardrobe mo! kalokah!!! pero naman, parang nakarelate ako sa confessions 1 to 4. feeling ko pati ako eh dini-describe mo. so shopaholic din ako? hehehe!

    inggit naman ako sa HK!!! go to outlet shops (citygate and mongkok), you’ll enjoy swiping your cards there, LOL! happy shopping!!!

    1. ganun daw pag mga bitter, dinadaan sa shopping…so bitter ka din? HAHAHHAHA charing lang winkie

      thanks for the tip, we’ll see…pero talaga i vowed to my God na hinde ako mag sho-shopping sa HK, gusto ko lang makita si Mickey Mouse and bumili ng isang cutey bag

  5. HUAW Mayen!!!! and husay! Winner!!! i never thought ganun ka ka “high” sa mga apparels moh!!!! adik! u r soooo “becky”!!!! hahaha!!! congrats congrats!!!

    1. toniiiiiii!!! uyy nag comment, siguro may pumilit sayo noh? HAHAHAH

      thank yah, pagsaluhan naten mamya ang GC o kaya ang premiere tiket, pero wag ang gucci, kung sakali man hehehehhe

  6. Hi malen!

    Congrats! Great entry. It’s good that you’re learning and you’re trying your best to make things better.

    Well-deserved spot in the top20! you might even win that gorgeous GUCCI bag =)

    mike (blog-hopping from nuffnang) =)

  7. daaaaaaaaaaay I had fun last night… uber fun I got another freebie from ETC the book hahahahaha!

    psssst… email me naman the pics 🙂 mearthcedes (at) yahoo (dot) com thankies mwahs!

    see you ’til next event ulit

  8. Hi malen, we have the same shoppingitis sickness, i really can relate to your post kasi pareho tayo, i also shop in pairs, here in germany i already have 2 cabinets full of shoes, 5 cabinets of dresses, may tag price pa yung iba na di ko nagamit dahil tumaba na ako, at over 100 bags, iba pa yung nasa pinas, pero new years resolution ko, limit na ang shopping, speaking of shenzhen, ang mura don day sana macontrol mo ang sarili mo, napuno ko ng kung anik anik ang 2 maleta ko don, enjoy your trip. ate an2nette

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