Unique Idea For Old Cassette Tapes

This is what happens when creative minds of high caliber people come together:

Dyaraaan! A winning Christmas tree made from cassette tapes.

If you’ve got hundreds of unused cassette tapes, make them useful by making a lamp or a Christmas tree like that. It’s unique and yes, cost-efficient too.

Here’s what you need to materialize this project:

cassette tapes, of course

Acrylic glue or glue gun

Scatch tape

Blinking light bulb or any led lighting


1. Make sure you clean the tapes first. We had to unscrew each one to take out the inner plastic cover. This would make the tapes appear very glossy.

2. Rewind each tapes to create a circle design on it.

3. Set it to your preferred shape. Make it look like a tree, perhaps you can make a pyramid, triangular, rectangular or star shape….whatever.



Delivered by Madam Auring

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