Night Binoculars

I’m an outtie person who enjoy all kinds of adventure – camping, backpacking, hiking, boating, fishing, rapelling, diving, swimming and everything else about nature. I used to be an active outdoor enthusiast, until I injured my right ankle years ago on one of our hiking trips in Bataan. It was one of the most unforgettable outdoor trips I’ve had. We started trekking at 12 noon and reached the top 7 hours later. It was frightening since we had to walk the trail at night. We didn’t have any night vision binoculars, only a couple of headlamps and mini flashlights LOL. Imagine yourself trekking in an almost zero visibility surrounding, it’s scary, isn’t it? I felt like being lost since it’s hard to see with the naked eye. But nevertheless, it was fun. I wouldn’t recommend that you try it , not unless you are ready for it. If you’re going to hike at night, make sure you have a night vision product to give you great visibility whether you are in low light, starlight or no light. Visit and check out the wide variety of Night Vision products they offer at unbeatable prices.


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