Then And Now

This is what we looked a few years back:

(Me, aiMzster dot page dot ph and angelofthewaters dot com) And this is what we look now:

I know, it’s sooo frustrating. I gained an amazing __ lbs. after graduation. How I wish I could get back to that jeans again, even for a day. Haaay, I can’t believe how much I weigh these days. Grrr. I should  really watch my diet this time. Gym isn’t an option for now since my foot injury is still hurting, I can’t even walk properly. Maybe, I should try taking in a diet pill, whatchathink?


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. ako andito pa rin yung aking 1988 levis jeans. kapag hindi na sya kasya sa kin, nagdiyeta agad ako, hahaha

    pero ilang taon na syang hindi ko pinapansin, ano fha nga bah!

  2. sabi nga nung lolo sa Little Miss Sunshine: I like my women with a little more meat on the bone.ü

    may word for it, di ko lang maisip.
    parang Rubens-sque pero di ko sigurado ang speling.ü a

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