How The Recession Is Affecting Us

This whole economic crisis is hurting every industry, and technology is no exception. FYI, I work in an IT company and this scares me. Big companies like Microsoft and Dell have had layoffs already. I am sure you’ve heard about Circuit City, the popular electronic retailer has filed bankruptcy late last year. And just recently, recession has hit world’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer, Intel, as they close their Cavite plant after 12 years, with more than 1500 employees. And almost everyday, there are several other companies filing for bankruptcy (Need a complete bankruptcy report? No worries. With, obtaining a copy of the US Bankruptcy Record that you need has is as easy as googling it. Just do a search by full name or business name and voila! You get your results instantly. Check out their website for more info.) A lot of people are losing their jobs, esp. those who work in private companies both big and small. Hay, I really pray that all of this recession thing will come to an end, soon.



Delivered by Madam Auring

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