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If you’ve been reading here for quite sometime now, you’ll notice that I have not changed my theme since day 1. It’s been using this same old fashioned template eversince I started to self-host this blog. I tried switching my template one time but my ignoramousity caused me more troubles than I can imagine. I lost some of the old comments. Sayang talaga. Yah know, in every blogger’s career, comments (may it be good or bad), are highly valued. They make blogging all worth it LOL.

Once, I tried to update my wordpress software, but ended up deleting some chenelyn which caused this blog to shut down for 24 gruelling hours. Haay, I am such a technoboba, at times. I nosebled to death from that experience, it was traumatic too.

Do you also have this dilemma? Afraid of updating your wordpress software version to the latest? Have you been hacked? Problem with scripts? Changing themes? Plugins that don’t work?


reyna elena dot com together with blog-almighty dot com is proud to offer you one friendly and inexpensive Blog Support with tender loving care!  Full customization price is only $75 per blog if you sign-up HERE. No surcharges, hidden costs and other eklavus.


They will set-up and fully customize your blog. Theme included.
They will provide you with unlimited WordPress blog support.
No membership required of any kind.

Which means they will take care of the following:

Website design and Content Management Software installations;
Wordpress installation and development;
Wordpress theme design, customization and development;
Wordpress recovery from previous hacks, losses and other related errors;
Wordpress migration from old to new domain and web hosting; and
Other WordPress back-end and front-end optimization.

What if you have more than one (1) blog?
Your 2nd blog gets a 10% discount and for the 3rd and more, you get 15% discount.


If you sign up today, you’ll only lose 75$  hahaha BUT you’ll gain not just an unlimited blog techsupport, but also, a lifetime of friendship and social climbing with two of the best bloggers around the world!

Enjoy blogging!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. am bilis! hahaha! and just to add: this is an ukay-ukay price! our competitors have membership, we don’t. just social climb with us! hahaha! wag lang kaming abusuhin ano? hehehe

  2. Malen, hindi tayo nagkita sa Manila. Natapos na yung bakasyon ko at nakabalik na sa Oslo. How about you write me your mailing address para mapadala ko yung mga libro? 🙂

    1. laineyyy! you’re back! hope you enjoyed your vacation

      sayang, i was going to see you sana sa hotel mo kaso super busy nun decemeber, and am sure, mas busy ka nun kaya i didn’t bother

      i’ll send you my mailing address, thank you so much dear mwaaaaah

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