Jack’s Ridge Davao

I soo love our yaya. She’s an excellent cook. Just after our rafting adventure, she prepared a special dinner for us, here’s her specialty:

Dyaraaan! Kinilaw na tuna with ampalaya. I’m no fan of half-cooked/no-cook meals but this one is uber delicious. We invited some boylets friends to come over, unfortunately, we ended up waiting in vain, walang dumating LOL. It was the perfect time pa naman sana for a heavy drinking session hahaha, so as not to waste any more time just wishing and hoping and waiting, we headed straight to Jack’s Ridge na lang. If ever you visit Davao City, make sure you don’t miss this place. I super love it there. It’s like Tagaytay meets Eastwood.

It’s sitting high up on a hill overlooking the lights of Davao City. The view is to die for, especially at night, I know, hindi ko ma-justify ang statement ko with that picture hahaha….but that place got a spectacular view talaga. And it’s a bit colder there too.

Sarap tuloy mag-emote.

Jack’s Ridge actually got lots of things to offer:

Taklobo Restaurant
Kai’s Bar and Grill
Karlo’s Coffee Station
BMW Piano Bar
Kool Kat’s Pool
Souvenir ship

Here’s the view outside. Sorry for the blurred images, low tech ang camera.

Enjoy the night as you take unlimited pictures with your family and friends LOL

Jack’s Ridge is filled with reminders of its historic past. The land on which it stands was once the headquarter of the Japanese forces during the end of the World War II. Rumor says that hidden somewhere in JR are gold bullions and other treasure that the Japanese had taken from other countries and brought to Davao. Weh? Di nga?

At night, you can use this telescope to see stars, Venus, Vega, Sirius, other planets and constellations…charing lang. This telescope will only allow you to see just a little bit fainter than the naked eye, 10 pesos per 3-5 minutes.

descend this endless stairs to get to Kai’s bar LOL

This lovely coffee shop – Karlo’s Coffee Station – offers free film showing. 

Reasonble prices + great atmosphere + great music to serenade you = perfect gimik night


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Nakakain na ako ng kinilaw na isda one million times, nakatikim na rin ako ng kinilaw na amplaya courtesy of my step grandfather (RIP), pero di pa ako nakatikim ng kinilaw na isda with amplaya! Talaga bang masarap?

  2. Haaay – – uwing uwi nako!!! Bakit ba puro happening at gimmick kayong lahat diyan… hmmff!!!

    In fairness, nagutom ako sa kilawin ni Yaya!!

    Teka, makapaghalungkat nga ng pagkain…..


  3. nice…. i lived in davao for three months about 7 years ago… and jack’s ridge was one of the most remarkable places ive visited there….

    namiss ko tuloy bigla….

    1. hello yj, lucky you! am sure you enjoyed your stay in Davao, daming pwedeng gawin

      missin’ davao too, was there twice na, for short visits lang, di man lang ako nakatikim ng durian pa nila ever

      thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. Nice pics, I can tell you had FUN! Nakakagutom yung ampalaya. Parang never kong nakita yan sa supermarkets dito. Kelangan ko sigurong sumadya sa Asian stores.

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