Why Do We Have Eye Brows?

A silly question that popped into my mind this morning: Why do we have eye brows? Why are they on our face? I’ve spent few minutes thinking about it, while toucing my left eyebrow. By the way, mine looks dull. They don’t get much thinner at the ends, so they don’t look very shapely, it’s just one straight line and the hairs are a bit scattered.

Ok, back to the question, why do we have eyebrows on our face? Why wont they grow very long? And how do they know to stop growing? Have you noticed Whoopi Goldberg, she doesn’t have eyebrows. Being curious, I searched and found out these reasons:

To keep sweat and raindrops from running down straight into our eyes.

Just like eyelashes, they keep dirt away from getting to our eyes.

They help us in communicating our feelings through facial expressions. LOL. Indeed, a raised eyebrow is more effective than words, right?

Lastly, a nicely plucked eyebrows makes one look pretty and attractive. Too thick eyebrows create a strong image while thin and raised eyebrows create a snobbish image.

There, your brows aren’t useless at all. If you’re not blessed with perfect eyebrows, go to the nearest salon and have them done professionally. If they’re too thin and not bushy, use eyebrow pencils to make them look better. Shaping your brows nicely will brighten up your face. For all the ladies, if you’re not into makeups just like me, check out info about blog_eye_makeup at stylehive.com.  


Delivered by Madam Auring

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    1. nyahahaha…i know! pag kinaskas mo’t nawala eyebrows mo..it only means..isa kang puppet (aka irma daldal) hahahah i know, you can’t relate but hahahaha anyway

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