Things I Love About Davao

I am not from Davao, I’ve only been there twice but I would like to live in that city, if I have a chance. Let me tell you the reasons why:

1. CALAMITY FREE. Do you know that Davao is typhoon free? Feeling ko, protektado kase sya ng Mt. Apo, whatchathink? LOL. Pero trulili, it lies outside the typhoon belt kaya hinde binabagyo ang Davao. Nevah.

2. PEACE AND ORDER. This may sound like I’m stereotyping but what comes to your mind when you hear of Mindanao? It’s almost synonynous to Abu Sayyaf and warlalu diba? How ironic, Davao is geographically situated in Mindanao, and yet, it is one of the most peaceful cities in SE Asia. I can attest to that, on our last day in Davao, our cab was hit by another vehicle, akalain mong ang peaceful mag usap nun 2 driver. Kung dito sa Manila yun, nag murahan na ang mga mokong.

3. RESCUE 911. Davao maintains a bonggang bonggang centralized 24-hour emergency and rescue system. Just dial 911 on your cellphone/landline for all your emergency and criminal cheverloo. Here are the services they offer:

> Urban Search and Rescue Services – USAR
> Fire Auxiliary Services – FAS
> Emergency Medical Services – EMS
> K9 Unit
> Police services

Wow! Eh dito sa Manila, kakaloka, in case of emergency, type PNP then send to 2920! In case of fire, call 522-2222 / 527-3627 / 527-3653. For police assistance, call their hotline number 838-3354 / 838-3203 / 8372471 Loc. 439. Anobaaah!!

4. NO SMOKING ORDINANCE. May mga designated areas lang for smoking, you can’t just go around publicly and puff a cigarette. Wow! It takes a lot of discipline and leadership para maipatupad yan. Dito sa Manila, kahit isang barangay lang yata, hinde kayang magpatupad ng ganyang ordinansa.

5. HONEST TAXI DRIVERS. Manila taxi drivers are the worst! They’re either bastos or overpricing. Hate ko talaga ang mga taxi drivers dito. In Davao? Kahit 3piso, susuklian ka. After our rafting adventure, Mitchie left her Canon Digicam inside the cab….2 hours later, binalik ni Manong Baldo yung Digicam. Kung dito sa manila yan, malamang nasa Quiapo na yun.

Si Manong Baldo

6. MAYOR RODRIGO DUTERTE. Good governance = Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. I’ve had several encounters with politicians (as if, lol), pero sa kanya lang ako bumilib ng todo. He’s a no nonsense political leader who is not sleeping on the job. He can be very brutal and yet, his compassion to his fellow Davaoeños is incomparable. Indeed, he’s known to be harsh and strict but Duterte actually has a soft heart to his people. I saw it myself.

Dumating sya at exactly 3PM…

A hands-on Mayor. Almost every day in his office he receives constituents seeking assistance.

he feeds all the people waiting in line. mapa-dinner or merienda.

He gives hope to his people, like this woman, dini-demolish daw yung bahay nila, so mayor called the developer. After few minutes, things were settled, this is what he said, umuwi ka na, hinde kanila ang Davao, akin ang Davao. Ang shoray ni mayor!

His party slate during the past election included a Christian, a Muslim, a gay man and a disabled candidate.

He is funny, sarcastic and amusing. That day, he helped a young man who wanted to be a soldier…eh kulang sya sa height besides, HS grad lang. Kelangan pala ng 72 units para maging sundalo. Mayor suggested na mag CAFGU na lang, but the young man insisted. So Mayor called some general over the phone, baket pa daw kelangan ng 72 units para mamatay lang lol. He must have seen the young man’s heart and got everything settled for him.

Here is a man both loved and loathed. To some, he is a barbaric, but to many, he’s a peacemaker. Don’t f*ck with Mayor or else, he will chastise you and humiliate you publicly, bad mouth you on TV and who knows, you could even end up in the hands of Davao Death Squad (sana lahat ng corrupt officials i-firing squad nila). To some, he’s just a dirty politician, but to me, he’s one of the very very few finest leaders we have. He may have his flaws as a leader, but he is efficient, he’s fearless, and he does the right thing, most of the time.

Hats off to you Mayor.

Tuloy, I’m seriously thinking of buying a house in Davao….charing! Wala naman akong cash LOL but if you want to help me buy my dreamhouse in Davao City, donate to Chuvaness Foundation NOW!!! LOL



Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. maam d2 na kau 2mira sa davao…. :em32: hehehe salamat at na gus2han mo d2 sa amin… hanapan kita ng bahay d2 tsaka kasama sa bahay pwde na b c jepoy??heheheheehe tsaka its a plus pag may emergency di mo na kailangan 2mawag nang 911 kc c jepoy nasa 911 cxa nag work….hehehe

    1. bwahahaha :em32:

      davao is really nice. modern living in provincial lifestyle. loveeeet there. naks, riverguide slash realtor slash matchmaker ka pala poloy? LOL baka ma-develop kami ni jepoy bwahahaha

      seriously, yaya wants to buy a house there in davao. let me know kung may alam kayong house/lot na mura lang ha…

      thank you jud sa tanan…and for coming back :em55:

  2. Eto ang social climbing to the highest level! Teka! Teka!

    – No smoking ba kamo?! Ayoko sa Davao.

    Me 911 sa Davao?! Hahaha! Eh sa Manila, di kami tumatawag sa pulis dahil kaloka nga ang number. Nag-titili lang kami.

    Eh si Mitchie? Sinong pina-pabarangay nang babaeng yan? Anong reklamo nya na bitbit nya sa Meyor? Tinanong mo ba??? hahaha!

    1. Naman. Social climbing talaga. alam mo ‘day, gwapo si meyor sa personal hehehhe

      laftrip yang text pnp send to 2920…kase pag tinext mo yan…ang reply sayo “HU U PO?”


      Si mitchie, anofangaba, edi sinumbong yun taga cebupac hehehehhe

    1. yeah, Pinas is such a beautiful place…blessed with natural resources and majestic sceneries, perfect for tourism kaya lang, nadale tayo sa mga greedy govt officials na walang hinangand kundi magkamkam ng power and pera ng bayan

      ibagsak ang pasistang kontrol! LOL

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