Flames Hope

OMG. Valentine is coming very soon. Parang last year lang I spent it alone ah, and look at me now, am still spending it alone bwahaha (just so you know, am not bitter spending it alone, ok? lol, defensive hahaha) Naalala ko tuloy ang pers ever crush ko. Asan na kaya yun. Eh syempre, sobrang finesse ako noon, walang kiyeme, todo deny akong crush ko yung crush ko. Kinikimkim ko lahat, dinadaan ko  sa FLAMES HOPE!!! I’m sure, noong mga bata pa kayo, walang humpay din ang kaka-FLAMES HOPE nyo noh. Do you remember how it feels? Hayy, how time flies.

Wondering if you and your crush are meant for each other? Your favorite childhood game is back to reveal your destinies! Hinde nyo na kelangan bolpen and cocomban kase DIGITAL na sya.

Check out this DIGITAL FLAMES HOPE to see if you and your crush are meant to be. Enjoy!



Delivered by Madam Auring

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