The Air You Breathe

Just like my parents, I’d like to spend my retirement days in the province too where I could eat fresh vegetables, walk barefoot in a white sand beach on afternoons while waiting for the sunset and breathe clean and fresh air throughout the day. I’ve had so much of Manila, its traffic and its pollution already. Don’t you love living in a no-stress and clean environment? Studies show that fresh air refreshes the cells, lowers body temperature, improves lung functioning, improves the sense of well-being and kills bacteria and viruses in the air. Essential supply of fresh air produces high energy and a positive mood. Fresh air also proves far more beneficial to sick persons than medicine. No wonder people living in the province live longer.

My parents are in their 50s already, as much as I want them to stay with us here in Manila, I couldn’t bear seeing their health suffer esp. my mother. She frequently gets sick here in the city, unlike when she’s in the barrio, she seemed more relaxed and healthy.

So what can you do to get fresh air, even if you live here in the city? Here are some suggestions you can try:

1. Get an Air Duct Cleaning service. This will improve the quality of your indoor environment by starting with the air you breathe. Do you know that fans, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems accumulate dander, dust, pollen, mold and mildew which can become  threats to your health?

2. Put indoor plants throughout your house. Not they only provide filtering a constant source of oxygen, they can filter out toxins as well.

3. Installing a zen waterfall to generate some negatively charged ions that will help to purify and recharge the air.


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  1. Wow ha! “Installing a zen waterfall to generate some negatively charged ions that will help to purify and recharge the air”
    Gaano ka laki ang waterfall nato?!!! ;D


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