On Wearing Makeups

I’m not really a fan of makeups,  I do put them on, mostly lipstick and face powder with some blush on, during special occassions, but you’ll hardly see me wearing them when going to work. I don’t hate them, in fact, I own a couple of lipstick and eye shadows, it’s just that I find it difficult to apply them on my face. You know, I have very small eyes and very little eyelids and it’s hard to put make up on them. Like when I put eyeliner, it smears a lot or if I use eyeshadow, I can’t seem to make them look balance. Do you know how I can make my eyes look bigger with make up? Eyes come in a different shapes and sizes, there’s deep set, narrow set, wide set, protruding etc. and there are diff styles on how you can enhance them.

They say for small eyes like mine, there’s only one rule, that is to use lighter colors to open them out. Using lighter eyeshadow while blending them with dark shadow near the eyelashes will make them appear larger. Check out the latest eye makeup at stylehive.com. Also, avoid putting eyeliner at the bottom edge of the eyes. For bigger eyes, using darker colors will make them smaller.

I don’t know, I still have much to learn but I’ll try to put make up  sometimes. People look in the face more often, so make sure when you put make up on your face, keep them simple to look  great.


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