Revisiting 2008’s Resolutions

Like you, I always keep a set of resolutions each new year and would end up fulfilling them after each year. NOT! Infairness naman to me, I think I was able to fulfill SOME of last year’s resolutions. Let’s revisit each one and see how I have fared in 2008.

First, get serious with FITNESS for the Nth time!   I did get serious, but my body did not cooperate lol.

Second, establish a career in PROGRAMMING PRODUCTION, PROCUREMENT …. PROBLOGGING!!! My resignation wasn’t pushed through due to some unavoidable circumstance but things got better. $$$ came pouring in lol.

Third, to finally stop living by this motto: “Di bale ng tamad…hindi naman PAGOD” 
Truth is, this has been the most productive year of my life! On average, a person has a total of 2920 sleeping hours each year, I only had 2190 (yeah, I took note of it lol).

Fourth, to get a secretary who can fix my schedule (blogging schedule + extra-curricular + full time work + sideline) You know, I have a time mismanagement disorder. I do all things at the same time and cramming is one of my favorite past times. I’ve been like this for years and will be like this for the coming years, until I find its cure.

Fifth, to get BETTER 24/7. In all aspects.
Sabi ni Mama Ricky, ang buhay paganda ng paganda and I believe her lol.

So that’s it, the 2008 resolutions that were meant to be broken. All in all, I was able to fulfill 2.5 out of 5. Not bad for a serious promise breaker like me. How about you? How did you fare last year?


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  1. buti na lang hindi ako gumawa ng resolutions last year.
    para walang pressure! hahaha!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR LEN! God bless you more!
    as in total abundance!
    pati na rin “BOY” ABUNDANCE!

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