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Choosing the best eyewear to suit your face is a tremendous work. I remember when I bought my first prescription glasses, I spent days before I could  finally decide which style and color will fit on me. One rule here, make sure you choose the one that will complement the shape and size of your face. For all your Holiday frames and Holiday Eyeglasses needs, check out They can help you choose the one that can add balance to your features and will make you look attractive. You don’t wanna end up choosing the wrong style, right? It could give you a clumsy and nerdy look and can sometimes make you look old.

Your eyeglass frames should not just provide a perfect fit in you face, it should also create a balance. Here are some tips when choosing the right frames to suit your face shap:

For round faces, chose the wide and rectangular shapes to lengthen your face. For oval faces, choose frames that stretch slightly further than the broadest part of your face.Round shape frames looks great with oblong faces while more rounded frames looks great with a square face. In short, don’t ever choose a frame that  matches the shape of your face because it will exaggerate your features.


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